The grassroots movement called Operation PokeExplore is designed to increase the number of Pokestops in Pokemon Go. With the increasing number of Pokestops being removed, and the lack of quality locations for rural players, there’s plenty of reasons to get involved.

Users will be able to contribute by following Niantic’s “Candidate Portal criteria” that allowed Ingress players to submit their own portals. For those that don’t know, Ingress is Niantic’s previous augmented reality mobile game and a large reason why Pokemon Go is so wildly popular.

Operation PokeExplore was originally a brainchild of user /u/TheFarix at the The Silph Road subreddit. It calls for Pokemon Go trainers to get out there and submit locations through Twitter. The hope is for Niantic to take notice and start integrating some of these real world locations as new Pokestops. Although there is a procedure to submit new Pokestops already, it’s never been confirmed to work or even garner a response from Niantic.

Operation PokeExplore 1

What is Operation PokeExplore – Get Involved

Although Operation PokeExplore is a grassroots movement, there are clear cut rules to submitting new Pokestops. Here’s a short list of what NOT to submit through the Operation PokeExplore project.

  • Candidates in locations with no safe pedestrian access.
  • Candidates that are not permanent, including seasonal displays that are only put up during certain times of the year.
  • Candidates on private residential property (including farms)
  • Candidates that may interfere with the operations of fire stations, police stations and hospitals
  • Candidates on the grounds of primary/secondary schools
  • Candidates on the grounds of cemeteries

How To Submit new Pokestops through Operation PokeExplore

Interested in adding a new Pokestop? Have a location that you would like added? The days to participate are from September 2-5, 2016. Here’s a short explanation on how to participate with Operation PokeExplore.

  1. Turn on your location services on your smartphone
  2. Take a good photo of the location or art in question
  3. Tweet the photo with a short description
  4. Use hashtags #PokeExplore @NianticLabs

Make sure to participate in Operation PokeExplore to expand the current listing of Pokestops, giving trainers a better way to play Pokemon Go. Below is the original post in The Silph Road regarding Operation PokeExplore.

Operation PokéExplore from TheSilphRoad

What do you think about Operation PokeExplore? Will you be participating? Let us know in the comment box below and follow us on Facebook for all the latest Pokemon Go news!