Thanks to user Isantum in The Silph Road subreddit, there’s a new GPS hack being exploited in Pokemon Go. Without having to root your phone or jailbreak it, this hack gives you the ability to be in two places at once, literally. When you think about just how easy this GPS hack is to use, you begin to see why cheating is such a huge problem for Niantic.

Before you read about this GPS hack, it’s important to remember that the use of this hack is expressly forbidden. Use of this hack or any like it is a clear violation of the Terms of Service, and as such exposes you to the possibility of a ban. Being slapped with a soft ban like the catch flee isn’t such a big deal, but a permanent ban would.

So having said all that, use this GPS hack at your own peril. If you decide to test it out, use a dummy account or one you don’t care about. We certainly would not advise doing it on your main or primary account, unless you want to start over from scratch.

Pokemon Go GPS Hack – How To

The user is very clear about how to exploit this GPS loophole, and it’s incredibly easy to do. He explains how to use this GPS hack to stay in one location, even though he’s clearly returned home.

Here’s the how to on this latest GPS hack in Pokemon Go


  • A = Home aka place of residence
  • B = Gym 900m away
  • C = 2 Pokestops 300m away
  1. Visit location B or C, and put phone into flight mode
  2. Return home
  3. Turn GPS mode to device only
  4. Play game as if you are still at point B or C

Here is the original post from the user below in case you were interested.

GPS Based loophole in the game. from TheSilphRoad

With a GPS hack like this, it’s no wonder that trainers are leveling up faster and quicker than ever before. What do you think about this GPS loophole? Have you tried it or known anyone that has? Let us know in the comment box below and follow us on Facebook for all the latest in Pokemon Go news.