Considering the popularity of Pokemon Go, there’s no surprise that there’s quite a bit of misinformation out there. The amount of Pokemon Go tips and tricks being published daily can be staggering. When you consider most of the blogs are written by people who don’t play, or copied from other areas, you begin to understand where all these incorrect Pokemon Go myths come from.

Regardless, knowing how to seperate the good Pokemon Go tips from the bad ones is important. Some of these Pokemon Go myths are innocent, while others can cause you to waste time and even money. Wondering which Pokemon Go myths are the worst ones to believe? Check out our guide below to see which myths you should stop believing right away.

The worst Pokemon Go myths

Pick up your Pokeball – Quite possibly the worst of all Pokemon Go myths, I’ve tested this trick and wasted countless balls in the effort. This myth revolves around the ability to “pick up” your Pokeball even after you’ve thrown it. I have yet to see anyone who has successfully picked up their Pokeball after it’s been thrown.

Pokemon Specific Eggs – If you are into hatching eggs to try and get the more rare Pokemon in the game, no doubt you’ve seen charts made for egg hatching. These egg hatching charts show you which Pokemon hatch out of which egg, and are broken up in the 2k, 5k, and 10k ranges.

Problem is none of that is true. Niantic has confirmed that you get more rare Pokemon from 10k eggs but there’s no evidence to show that Pokemon are restricted to one egg type. In fact there’s lots of people getting rare Pokemon from 5k or even 2k distance eggs.

Instead of focusing on hatching egg type, force more eggs using the Pokestop trick and keep at it until you get the hatch you want.

Getting Throw bonuses – You may have seen forums or websites out there showing you how to get a “Nice” or “Excellent” score when throwing Pokeballs. The techniques they list include waiting until the ring is at it’s biggest size. Others tell you to “throw the Pokeball” through the circle to get increased experience levels.

Reality is there’s no truth to these techniques at all. While you can get “Nice” scores when the ring is at it’s biggest size, this leads to the Pokemon escaping more often than not. Niantic tells you to to throw your Pokeball when the circle is at its smallest size to increase your chances of catching Pokemon.

There may be some truth to the rumor that you get Great, or Excellent scores when the Pokeball hits the center of the ring, but it’s unconfirmed at this point.

Legendary Pokemon are in the game – Everyone has seen the fake images of Zapdos or Mewtwo being caught, and it’s hilarious that people believe it. Although Legendary Pokemon exist in the game code, they haven’t been released yet. The one Legendary that was accidently released ended up being taken back by Niantic.

Beware of third-party apps or hacks that claim to allow you to catch legendary Pokemon. These can get you banned from the game.

Microwaves can help you hatch eggs – Don’t do it. If you think that hatching eggs by putting your smartphone in a microwave will work, stop and slap yourself.

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