While Pokemon Go trainers eagerly await the official release of the new in-game tracker, players still want help to find rare Pokemon. When it comes to Pokemon finder apps and websites, there’s a lot of options out there for you. And now there’s a real time app that alerts you when rare Pokemon are nearby, and it won’t get you banned.

That’s the real trick after all, avoiding Niantic’s ever watchful eye. Many players refuse to touch these apps or websites, simply out of the threat of being banned. One of the best Pokemon tracker websites out there is of course The Silph Road’s Global Nest Atlas. However this is just a listing of confirmed nests, meaning you need to go there and hoof it to find rare Pokemon.

Luckily there’s a new app out there that will give you real time alerts when rare Pokemon spawn. This app never once asks for your trainer name, or account information meaning it’s completely untraceable. It will give you real time coordinates and alerts, helping you find rare Pokemon.

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How to find rare Pokemon the right way

Want to learn more? Read below to see just how to find rare Pokemon using this incredible new app.

The name of this new Pokemon tracker is called PokeNotify, and for Android users all you need to do is install the APK. Unfortunately Niantic had this app removed from the Google store for violating copyright and using the Pokemon Go API, but you can find this APK by searching online.

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Unfortunately this app to find rare Pokemon is not yet released for the iPhone, but it is under development. The only thing you need for this app is to have your GPS activated and your phone turned on.

How to find rare Pokemon using PokeNotify

Once you’ve downloaded and installed this APK, you turn on the app and allow it to work in the background. PokeNotify will parse through the Pokemon Go API until it senses a rare Pokemon within your area. Here’s a quick guide on how to use Pokenotify:

  • Make sure that the PokeNotify app is installed
  • Check off “Enable Notifications” in the PokeNotify app
  • Turn on your location services
  • Check mark the Pokemon you want to be notified of

You specify the Pokemon you want alerts for by checking off the PokeNotify selections. Once you get the notifications, it will also tell you how long you have to catch these Pokemon before they despawn. It’s as simple as that!

Given the spawn rates of rare Pokemon, this app makes finding them much easier. Want to find rare Pokemon using this app but have a few questions? Here’s a few of the commonly asked questions below.

Q: Can I be banned for using this app?

Although unlikely, it’s still possible because the app is installed on your phone. However it doesn’t access the Pokemon Go API using your account or information. Like any other tracker apps there is a risk, so be aware when using PokeNotify. Alternately you could purchase a cheap smartphone for Pokemon Go, and keep this app on a separate phone.

Q: How far can Pokemon be for Pokenotify to find them?

According to the devs behind this app to find rare Pokemon, they can be up to a mile away. They are also adding a distance adjuster, which should be released in future verisons. You can check the changelog here.

Q: How often does PokeNotify scan for new Pokemon

Currently this app scans once a minute, giving you a good range of possibilities to find rare Pokemon.

What do you think of PokeNotify? Do you know anyone that has used this tracker app to find rare Pokemon? Let us know in the comment box below and make sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest in Pokemon Go tips and tricks.