There’s quite a bit of excitement regarding the new features coming to Pokemon Go. Among the recently confirmed include Pokemon trading, new Pokemon as well as trainer PvP. There’s also been confirmation that code in the game exists for Pokemon buddies, as well as new Incense types. According to some rumors, the buddy system will also feature heavily into the three new Incense types and today we’ll take a look at all of them.

The latest news on the new Incense types comes to us from Reddit user /u/cokuspocus. Digging through the Pokemon Go game code, they’ve found correlation that points to the new Incense types. It looks as though these three different ways to use Incense can attract different Pokemon types.

The new Incense types – what they do

Item_incense_spicy – It looks like this new Incense type will help trainers in attracting Fire and Electric Pokemon.

Item_incense_cool – This type of new Pokemon Go Incense will be used to attract Water and Ice Pokemon.

Item_incense_floral – The last type of Incense allows trainers to reveal Grass and Bug Pokemon.

Interestingly enough, there were additional fields found that seemed to hint at trading items as well as Pokemon. Take a look at the new trading fields found in Pokemon Go below.

Trade_search – Searching for other trainers to trade with perhaps?

Trade_offer – Sending an offer to another trainer possibly?

Trade_response – Presumably used to see whether or not the other trainer liked your trade offer.

Trade_result – This is the field we want to see first, meaning we’ll be able to complete our first trade in Pokemon Go.

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