We covered the combination of cute Pokemon and food in our Japanese bento box post, but this Pokemon food art takes the cake! Made by the loving hands at Cute Foodies by Peaceloving Pax, these plates of food are more art than edible. While Pokemon has always inspired people to create, the popularity of Pokemon Go has rekindled the creativity of many fans.

Some of these creations have been incredibly well designed, like this man that made a Pokemon Center a mobile charging station. Other Pokemon Go related ideas however should have never gotten off the ground. Whatever the case is, we are pretty sure this Pokemon food art is so incredibly cute that there’s no way you can eat them.

Take a look at some of our favorites below, and for all the latest creations from Cute Foodies make sure to check out their Facebook page.

Cute Pokemon food art by Cute Foodies

Pokemon food art 1

Psyduck looks like he’s having problems coping with the possibility of being eaten. The combination of rice and perfectly cut seaweed looks exceptionally cute.

Pokemon food art 2

Time for a nap with Pikachu and Snorlax, taking a quick nap before lunch. Or maybe after lunch considering how big Snorlax’s belly is.

Pokemon food art 3

This Eevee is so cute, how could you ever eat this Pokemon food art? The perfect blend of brown rice gives Eevee a nice contrast, and the Pokeball snack looks the part.
Pokemon food art 5

Ask and Pikachu are perfect buddies in this awesome looking bento box. Speaking of which the Pokemon Go buddy system is coming to the game very soon!

Pokemon food art 7

Want more Pokemon food art? Scroll below to see some of the cutest Pokemon food of them all.

Pokemon food art 8

Meowth is right indeed! He looks happy and healthy in this unique looking sandwich.

Pokemon food art 9

Pikachu is taking a nap in this awesome looking Pokemon food art. The seaweed eyes are so delicately cut it makes you wonder just how they do this.
Pokemon food art 11

Eevee is one of the most popular Pokemon, and for good reason. Perfectly framed on piece of bread, this Pokemon food art is incredibly cute.

Pokemon food art 14

What do you think of these artistic creations? Make sure to head over Cute Foodies and check out more of their Pokemon food art.

Pokemon food art 13