We are getting closer to the next update from Niantic for Pokemon Go, which means 2nd generation Pokemon are that much closer. We’ve taken a look at the Gen 2 Pokemon coming to the game, as well as a look at Generation 2 stats. Now based on that data calculated from game code, we bring you the ten best Generation 2 Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go.

This countdown takes a look at the overall CP cap of each Generation 2 Pokemon, as well as Attack and Defense. By using a CP calculator, you can easily determine the power for each one of the best Generation 2 Pokemon. Of course part of the Niantic update also included changes to Pokemon moveset, as well as the ability to appraise your Pokemon IV.

Wondering which one of the Gen 2 Pokemon are the best? Want to know the strongest Generation 2 Pokemon to pick? Check out our ranking below of the best Generation 2 Pokemon coming to the game.

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Ten Best Generation 2 Pokemon Headed to Pokemon Go

There were just 151 of the original generation Pokemon that were released in Pokemon Go. After the latest update to the game, we've discovered that there's a host of new features being added. One of the most anticipated additions to Pokemon Go is the 2nd generation Pokemon being added to the game. With the interest in Pokemon Go waning, Niantic could use a boost to the biggest mobile game of all time. Wondering what some of the other features being added to the game are? Here's a look at what we know coming to Pokemon Go very soon.

Inside the Pokemon Go Appraisal system
Pokemon Go move set change - Gyarados nerfed
Egg Hatch Speed Increased - Hatch eggs faster
New in-game tracker released - Track Pokemon
Legendary Pokemon coming soon
Niantic Adding CAPTCHA Anti-Cheat system
Pokemon Go Trading Coming Soon
Pokemon Buddy System
Pokemon Go Centers Coming

Check out the ten best Generation 2 Pokemon countdown by pressing next. We've ranked these Gen2 Pokemon using their stats to determine which new Pokemon are the best ones coming to Pokemon Go very soon.



Aug 31, 2016

Base Stats: 183 ATK, 218 DEF, 160 STA, 2131 MAX CP

Of course everyone has a favorite 2nd generation Pokemon, did you see yours on our best Generation 2 Pokemon list? Think we missed any of the 2nd generation Pokemon on our countdown? For the complete list of Gen 2 Pokemon stats, check here to see our chart.

Some of our personal favorites among the Generation 2 Pokemon include the new Eevee evolutions. Combined with the new Pokemon buddy system, it could really change the way we play Pokemon Go.

With just a few days before the next Niantic update, what are you looking forward to the most? Is it Pokemon trading? or the Legendary Pokemon? Or maybe you want Niantic to finally kill off all the cheaters with their new CAPTCHA system. Whatever it is, let us know in the comment box below! Don’t forget to give us a like on Facebook to get all the latest in Pokemon Go news and tips daily.