Easily one of the cutest Pokemon in the game, Eevee also happens to be one of the most popular. Whether you love the cuddly Pokemon for it’s ability to evolve into powerful forms, or because it’s just too darn cute; there’s a new plush toy coming to Build-A-Bear retailers. The Build a Bear Eevee will be a 14 inch stuffed plushie, and it’s coming soon to the popular teddy bear stores across the nation.

The Build a Bear Eevee will cost you $28 dollars, and come with the traditional options and upgrades. Not only that but the special Eevee plushie will also come with a custom Pokemon trading card. It’s a perfect accessory that pays homage to the Pokemon brand.

Build a Bear Eevee

Unfortunately if you want a Build a Bear Eevee for your very own, you’ll need to get in line. According to Business Insider the Pokemon plush toy is already sold out. Don’t lose hope however, because you can still order Eevee online through the Build-A-Bear website.

The online option ups the entry price to $62 dollars, and there’s several accessories that the Build a Bear Eevee comes with. Whether it’s the Pokeball hoodie, or your choice of Pokemon pajamas.

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Although we love the look of the Build a Bear Eevee, there’s some differences that are confusing us. For example the nose on Build a Bear Eevee looks distinctly different than the anime, and the brown isn’t quite the right color. Still, for Pokemon lovers it doesn’t get much better than this.

The addition of this new Build a Bear Eevee adds to Build-A-Bear’s catalog. They’ve sold Pikachu for quite some time now, and the popularity of Pokemon Go will most likely boost these sales.

You can find a Build-a-bear store in most malls and stores, and they’ve been in business since 1999. What do you think about the Build a Bear Eevee? Will you be picking one up soon? Let us know in the comment box below!