According to Niantic CEO John Hanke, the new Pokemon Go update is due in the next couple of days. This new update looks to include the Pokemon Buddy system, which was announced by Niantic yesterday, but what else could it include? The last update we received contained several hidden segments of code, from Pokemon Go trading, tracking, PVP and even Legendary Pokemon; all of which have not yet been activated.

With the new Pokemon Go update almost upon us, here’s a look at just of a few of the features that might drop along with Pokemon buddies. These new Pokémon Go features are definitely in the works and could be released a lot sooner than you think.

New Pokemon Go Update – More than Buddies?

The Pokemon Buddy system has been confirmed by Niantic, but according to iTech Post, there could be more than just the Pokemon Go buddy system being released soon.

“Some of the features that Pokémon Go fans can expect on its September 5 update may include: refreshed Pokémon Tracker, Trading Pokémon, Special Incense, Legendary Pokémon, Buddy Pokémon, and VR Support.”

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, here’s a refresher on what else could be included in the new Pokemon Go update.

In game Tracker – Easily one of the most anticipated of the new Pokemon Go features, the in game tracker has been in beta testing for a few weeks now. Check out the video below to see it in action.

New Incense types – Designed to attract specific type of Pokemon, these new Incense give trainers flexibility. There’s specific Incense to catch fire types, water types and grass types so you can catch them all.

Pokemon Trading – The fields in the Pokemon Go code seem to point at trading coming very soon. The fields ‘Trade_search’ and ‘Trade_offer’ are promising to Pokemon Go trainers who have waited for trading since Day One.

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