The long wait for the new Pokemon Go update is almost over! Niantic has confirmed that Pokemon Go buddies are coming as part of the next patch, and we can’t wait! We covered the Pokemon Go buddy system as part of our update preview, and we’ve included some teaser images below for you to check out.

Niantic posted the news on the official Pokemon Go website, announcing Pokemon Go buddies. Here’s a look at the release statement below from Niantic Labs;

Pokemon Go buddies have arrived!

” Go out and explore with your Buddy Pokémon! “

“Hi everyone,

It’s been a busy summer and, in addition to battling bots and fixing bugs, we’ve also been busy working on some new features for our Pokémon GO Trainers. As you know, we recently released the new Pokémon Appraisal feature, which helps Trainers identify which Pokémon has the most potential for battle. Today we wanted to let you know about a new feature for the game that is just around the corner.

new Pokemon Go update

The next addition to Pokémon GO will be Buddy Pokémon. You will be able to pick your favorite Pokémon from your collection to become your buddy, opening up unique in-game rewards and experiences.

Buddy Pokémon will appear alongside your Trainer avatar on your profile screen, adding helpful bonuses such as awarding Candy for walking together. You’ll also have the ability to change your Buddy Pokémon at any time.

new Pokemon Go update 2

We’ve got a lot more in the works this fall. Stay tuned here for all the details.

The Pokémon GO Development Team ”


The Pokemon Go buddies feature will be part of the next update, due out in a couple of days. While it remains to be seen what other features will be released with the update, it’s definitely good timing on Niantic’s behalf.

Players are losing interest and the additional features can help rekindle some of the excitement that may have worn off. What do you think about the Pokemon Go buddies and what else do you think will be included in the next update?

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