The incredible success of Pokemon Go has people trying to capitalize in any way possible. From small businesses to venture capitalists, it seems as though everyone is trying to cash in. Up until now however, nobody knew exactly how much money Niantic has made from the augmented reality mobile game.

According to numbers released from SensorTower, the revenue that Pokemon Go has generated more than many popular movies this year. In fact, by most reports the mobile game has boosted Niantic’s net worth by well over 7.5 billion dollars.

“In less than two months after its July 6 launch in the United States, Pokémon GO has brought in more than $440 million in worldwide revenue on the App Store and Google Play. This put Niantic’s net revenue from the app at more than $308 million since release.”

In addition to raking in over 300 million since the release, and 7 billion dollars in net worth, Niantic also pulls down over 4 million dollars daily from in-game purchases. As much money as this is, it doesn’t put them among the top earners in mobile app history.

However considering that Pokemon GO is already the biggest mobile game of all time, it’s fair to say they’ll be making their mark soon. Most market experts predict that Pokemon Go will average 1.1 Billion in revenue a year for Niantic. Pokemon Go has made so much money, that Nintendo has seen their stock surge despite owning just 30% of the game property.

Nintendo’s market capitalization sits above rival Sony, with a figure floating above $30 billion dollars. With this much money being made, it’s a small wonder that Niantic still has so many bugs and issues with Pokemon Go. In fact the latest update was due a few days ago, and has yet to be released.

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