Everyone has been there, you just completed a run or a long walk playing Pokemon Go only to find that your phone shut off the app accidentally. If you lock your screen, your Pokemon Go app won’t register the distance you are walking or notify you of Pokemon appearing. Luckily for you, there’s a new lock screen app that works with Pokemon Go, and it’s called Pokelock.

This amazing app allows you to lock your smart phone screen, preventing you from accidentally closing the app or switching to another one. You can play Pokemon Go with a locked screen, without missing out on gameplay. It’s simply amazing and one of the must-download apps for any true Pokemon Go trainer.



You can now enjoy going on that Pokewalk with your cell phone in your pocket. No longer will you have to worry about your leg or body pressing on the touchscreen by accident. You can play Pokemon Go with a locked screen, and won’t miss out on any of the notifications or egg walking distances.
Here’s a brief rundown on the features of Pokelock;
  • Lock your screen and play Pokemon Go or any other app
  • Use a double tap or triple tap to unlock
  • Security pattern lock capability
  • Touch input retains home and back button functions

We’ve tested Pokelock for quite some time now, and simply put it works awesome. There’s quite a bit of ads on it and “share us” notifications, but it’s well worth it. Best of all? Pokelock comes with a battery saver option, which trims down on the massive battery use that Pokemon Go is known for. Being able to run or walk with your cell phone in your pocket is easier than ever. You are never locked out and Pokemon Go plays seamlessly in the background.

Pokelock is the best option for any Pokemon Go player who loves to run and play. Lock your screen and hatch eggs easier than ever. Check out the Pokelock website here, or for any Pokemon Go Android trainer can download the app here.