Users are losing interest in Pokemon Go, but don’t tell that to Google Maps. Pokemon Go already uses the Google mapping technology to provide trainers with a real time map to reference. They have doubled down on these efforts, by adding a catching Pokemon feature.

According to Google, the all new dedicated ‘Catching Pokémon’ activity option is meant to help people keep a log of where they’ve caught Pokemon. Being part of your timeline, you can literally record where you catch Pokemon. Although it doesn’t add anything to Pokemon Go gameplay on the surface, it’s a neat added feature.

It is easy to track your Pokemon through Google Maps. Simply go to Google Maps, and select the menu to open up “Your Timeline” options. If your account doesn’t have the timeline option activated, do so now. When you have the timeline feature turned on, catching Pokemon activity will be recorded in real time.

catching Pokemon

Once you have the new catching Pokemon feature turned on, your Google Maps timeline will track where you go. Not only will it record the Pokemon you catch, but this will also track the distance you’ve covered. In order to record the Pokemon you catch, make sure to open the activity details through the timeline options.

Turn on the “catching Pokemon” option in your Google timeline. This is done by editing your activity details. We’ve tested the all new catching Pokemon feature, and it works nicely in conjunction with Pokemon Go.

catching Pokemon

Although there’s not much that this catching Pokemon feature adds, it’s a nice way to track where you’ve been. Could this feature come to Pokemon Go at some time? It definitely remains to be seen, as the game doesn’t have tracking functionality now.

Pokemon Go players are currently waiting for the latest update, which was rumored to drop on September 5th. Niantic has confirmed features like the Pokemon buddy system, and we’ve uncovered code for trading and Legendary Pokemon.

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