Pokemon Go Trainers have been waiting for the next Pokemon Go update, but they may be in for a unpleasant surprise. According to Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke, Pokemon Go ads are coming in the form of “sponsored locations” which will act as Pokestops. The advertisements in Pokemon Go can be bought by companies who pay to have the locations set within the virtual world of the game.

This very premise is what has business owners already trying to capitalize on the foot traffic that Pokemon Go generates. Not only that but the incorporation of secondary Pokemon Go ads could come as a secondary overlay when trainers try to spin Pokestops. This could be an unwanted part of the new update, as Pokemon Go players are definitely used to the ad-free version of the game currently.

How will Pokemon Go ads affect gameplay?

Pokemon Go ads

Not only that but the revenue that Pokemon Go generates has now been projected. According to Sensor Tower the game has cranked out over 300 million in revenue, and has boosted Niantic’s worth by over 7 billion dollars.

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It certainly begs the question, how much more money does Niantic really need by using these Pokemon Go ads? And when will this money start appearing in the form of in game upgrades, enhancements and new features? How about the number of bugs that are still present within the game? Issues like GPS connectivity, lack of in-game tracking and the Pokemon Attack scaling bug are all serious problems.

It seems the only thing Niantic is doing nowadays is dealing with bans and banned accounts. You would figure a game that generates over 4 million dollars a day could squeeze in some game enhancements.

What do you think about Niantic’s decision? Do you think that Pokemon Go ads will ruin your gameplay? Would you deal with Pokemon Go ads that popup during Pokestop visits? Let us know in the comment box below, and make sure to follow us on Facebook for more Pokemon Go news and tips.


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