Updates on the Pokemon Go Plus accessory has been front and center, with confirmation on when the Plus will be released. There are many questions about just how the Pokemon Go Plus wearable will function. Although we don’t have answers just yet, you can watch the Pokemon Go Plus work in these latest leaked screenshots.

Theses screenshots come to us by way of user Serebii on Twitter. You can see the Pokemon Go Plus work with the existing interface of Pokemon Go below. Although the labels are still in Japanese, these leaked screenshots show how your game will look on your phone when the Pokemon Go Plus is connected.

Watch the Pokemon Go Plus work

Pokemon Go plus work

These screenshots give you a good idea of how the Pokemon Go Plus will function. When connected you’ll see a pin hover over the Pokestop or the Pokemon in question.

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When you are in range it looks like your Pokemon Go Plus will identify the item. If you open your phone you’ll see just how this location is displayed. It’s a clear indicator of what your Pokemon Go Plus is looking to spin, catch or collect. This function is required, especially if you are nearby several Pokestops or Pokemon.

Still most Pokemon Go trainers are waiting for the latest update, which promised us the new Pokemon Buddy System, possibly trading and hopefully the return of the in-game tracker.

We’ve covered the features of the upcoming Pokemon Go Plus before, and why you want one but there’s still quite a few questions. Here’s just a few of the concerns below:


  1. Pokemon Go is already a huge battery hog, how will the additional activation of Bluetooth and the Pokemon Go Plus affect trainers?
  2. With screen locking apps like Pokelock, how useful will the Pokemon Go Plus accessory really be?
  3. Pokemon attracted by Incense will not trigger the Pokemon Go Plus accessory

These concerns raise fundamental questions on how Pokemon Go Plus work with current trainers. Of course if you are looking to buy a Pokemon Go Plus, you’ll need to visit a retailer or enter our Pokemon Go Plus giveaway.

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