It’s become easier than ever to catch them all, with the announcement that the Apple Watch 2 will get the popular mobile game. Pokemon Go trainers will be able to play using the all new Apple watch, and it’s another sign of growth for Niantic. It’s the second mobile announcement, following the official release date of the Pokemon Go Plus.

Much like the Pokemon Go Plus, the screenshots of the Apple Watch in action are certainly promising. Unlike the Go Plus wearable however, the Apply watch looks to have much more functionality. The CEO of Niantic, John Hanke made an appearance at the Apple event, could this be a sign that they may be shifting their focus away from the Go Plus?

Apple watch

From the look of things you will be able to have all the functionality through the new Apple peripheral. Spin Pokestops, track distance and catch Pokemon are just a few of the features that were shown. The fact that the Apple wearable allows you to do all these things renders the Pokemon Go Plus almost useless.


The built in GPS function of the watch is what makes the device stand out over the Go Plus.

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‘Pokémon Go’ is coming to the Apple Watch 2 — Here’s what that looks like
Apple keynote eventSource: Apple

The only thing that the Apple watch could use is some sort of truncated map view. The Apple wearable will show a miniature view of the monsters nearby however. It may not be the full experience, but still the ability to play Pokemon Go on the move without the use of your iPhone could be very compelling to people on the fence.

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