The Pokemon Go Plus has finally been made official, finally getting a firm release date. Being able to use this Pokemon peripheral has been a huge part of the initial craze, but much like Pokemon Go, could the hype be wearing off? Now that the device is almost here, there’s quite a few Pokemon Go trainers asking themselves; “is the Pokemon Go Plus worth it?”

On the surface the Go Plus has always been somewhat of a difficult sell. It won’t track player movements for egg hatching, it only works with your cell phone open, and it will require you to activate your phone’s Bluetooth. As if we didn’t already have battery problems while playing Pokemon Go right?

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Let’s take a quick look at whether or not the Pokemon Go plus is worth spending your hard earned cash on.


Is the Pokemon Go Plus worth it?

Short answer? No. The lack of functionality means there’s no way the Go Plus is worth your $35 dollars. Not to mention the obvious overflation that the device will undoubtedly suffer from upon launch. There’s a few trainers that may say that the Pokemon Go Plus worth waiting for, but here’s our take on why it’s not.

Catch Pokemon you already have – Possibly the WORST part of the Pokemon Go Plus accessory. It seems as though you can only catch Pokemon that already exist in your Pokedex. This means you can’t catch any new Pokemon using the Go Plus, which is the whole point of hunting Pokemon in the wild. Reading over the device release notes, it seems as though you’ll need to open your phone to check what Pokemon appear in the wild.

There’s screen lock apps now that work with Pokemon Go, making the entire question of whether or not the Pokemon Go Plus worth using moot.


Production Problems – It’s pretty safe to say that Nintendo has missed the boat by delaying the launch of the Pokemon Go Plus. They own just 30% of the incredible success of Pokemon Go, and instead of capitalizing on the instant smash success, they’ve delayed the launch until the interest in the game is lukewarm at best.

Initially delaying the Pokemon Go Plus since July, Nintendo claimed that they weren’t worried about production concerns but instead wanted to make sure that the device worked with the game properly. Never a good sign.

5 Reasons why you need the Pokemon Go Plus

It won’t save battery – In fact the use of Bluetooth makes the Pokemon Go Plus an additional drain on your smartphone battery. If you want to make the Pokemon Go Plus worth using, you’ll need an mobile battery pack to enjoy it fully. You need to have the app open and your cell phone active in order to use the accessory. Although it will buzz you when there’s Pokestops nearby, and Pokemon you’ve already caught, you can’t do this without your cell phone being active.

This means that the Pokémon GO Plus only works when the app is open. This simple fact makes the Pokemon Go Plus worth nothing as a battery saver. In fact the only thing the Plus will do is save you from pulling your battery from your pocket.

Lack of functionality – Although the Pokemon Go Plus has some uses, it won’t track your movements or feature any distance tracking. Google Maps just added a catching Pokemon feature, which does this for free. There’s no pedometer feature, making the Pokemon Go Plus worth your 35 dollars, so really you are paying for a device to catch more Pidgey’s and Rattatas.

Although the Pokemon Go Plus makes the game safer, and keeps you from injury there’s some serious questions about how feasible it really is.



What do you think about the new Go Plus? Do you think any of these points make the Pokemon Go Plus worth your money? Let us know in the comment box below and follow us on Facebook for all the latest in Pokemon Go news and tech tips.