Increasing your Pokeball accuracy is something that every Pokemon Go trainer strives for. This is especially important if you are low on Pokeballs or live in a rural area. When you need to make the most of the Pokeballs you have, use this new L throw technique to catch more Pokemon. This Pokemon Go tip is easy to use, and gets you 100% accuracy when practiced properly.

The L throw technique is easy to pick up and use. It will get you an accurate hit every time when used right. What’s more you can time this properly to land a Nice, Great or Excellent hit when throwing Pokeballs. Want to catch more Pokemon? Use this Pokemon Go tip to take advantage of the L throw technique and expand your Pokedex.

How to Use L throw technique

The L throw technique originally came from the period in time where there was a Pokemon Go bug. This bug was confirmed by Niantic, and it made far away Pokemon almost impossible to catch.


In order to use the L throw, you’ll need to follow these simple instructions. You can use the L throw technique whether you are throwing a straight ball or a curveball.

With some practice you’ll be landing those Excellent throws in no time at all!

  1. Tap on the Pokeball
  2. Watch your Pokemon target circle
  3. Pull left or to the right
  4. Swipe up to your target Pokemon height and release!

And that’s it! With the right amount of practice throwing a normal Pokeball, you can start using a curveball.

If you are having problems catching Pokemon, and want the best Pokemon Go tip this L throw technique will definitely help. Although the L throw will work great, you do need to put some work in to practice it properly.

“The L Throw” w/Curveball

Using this L throw technique will get you the Pokeball accuracy you need. Catch Pokemon using this technique and get more entries in your Pokedex. When using the curveball with your L throw technique, make sure to let go just a tad earlier than you would with a normal throw.

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