GPS spoofing has been a huge part of the cheating problem for Niantic since Day 1. Pokemon Go trainers have rooted, hacked and cheated their way to spoofing their GPS location to Niantic servers. One of the latest Pokemon Go cheats is this new GPS spoof called Fly GPS. This program does not require rooting your phone, and enables you to play the game using a simple joystick.

Given the ease in which players can use Fly GPS to play Pokemon Go, it’s a small wonder why Niantic hasn’t taken action yet. This form of cheating isn’t dying anytime soon, despite Niantic’s best anti-cheat efforts. Niantic has responded with several forms of permanent ban, including the catch flee ban but is it doing any good?

How Fly GPS works

It goes beyond the obvious, but using Fly GPS to cheat Pokemon Go will most likely result in a ban. Despite this fact most cheaters have zero problem with starting over, and it’s a growing problem. Fly GPS does not seem to work for iOS currently, and also does not work for Android OS versions below 6.0.

This Fly GPS video from Technofall goes through the steps to setup your Android phone. With just a few taps, you’ll see how easy it is to spoof GPS with your smartphone.


The Fly GPS app allows you to teleport anywhere in the world, and navigate using a simple joystick. This tactic is used by cheaters to snipe Pokemon Go gyms and collect region specific Pokemon.

Although the developer claims there’s multiple ways to limit the chance of a Niantic ban, we wouldn’t risk it. It’s been confirmed that Niantic collects your phone information like your board ID, manufacturer and other important keys.

If you do happen to use a GPS spoof like Fly GPS, you may be banned. If you are, you can submit an appeal as Niantic has been unbanning accounts lately. Most unbanned trainers have reported that this is through the use of third party IV checkers however.

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