At long last, the Pokémon Go Buddy update has finally been released. The new update version is 0.37.0 for Android, and 1.7.0 for iOS. Along with the new buddy system, the new version of Pokemon Go also includes a few more updates as well. The Pokémon Go Buddy update comes five days after it was originally projected, but it’s at long last arrived.

For those that don’t have the Pokémon Go Buddy update quite yet, its being rolled out as we speak. The official announcement from Niantic is here. Let’s take a look at a few of the changes that the Pokémon Go Buddy update includes.

Pokémon Go Buddy update

What to know about the Pokémon Go Buddy update

Pokemon Buddy System – You can now choose a Pokemon to walk and earn candy for distances. Check out our buddy system candy chart here to get the lowdown.

Upgrades to animations – It’s easier to select smaller Pokemon on your map view. Niantic also fixed the error with hatching eggs not displaying the Pokemon that’s hatched.

Changes to reliability – The new Pokémon Go Buddy update fixes several issues with the game crashing between networks. This should hopefully fix a lot of the crashing issues that Pokemon Go has suffered from.


Pokémon GO Plus support – In preparation of the new Pokemon Go Plus accessory release, the new Pokémon Go Buddy update now has support for new gameplay features.

Security changes – Pokemon Go now eliminates the ability to use rooted phones or advanced GPS spoofing applications. This is great news for legitimate trainers who are tired of having their gym sniped.

This is a good step towards eliminating cheaters in Pokemon Go. GPS spoofing has been a huge issue, especially for Android phones using Xposed modules to hack or simulate a GPS signal. Although it stops GPS spoofers, it also stops trainers who just happen to have a rooted phone. Stopping cheaters continues to be a fine line that Niantic continues to struggle with.

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