Niantic continues to stage the latest version of Pokemon Go, leaving many trainers waiting for Pokemon Go buddy update. While many Pokemon Go players are still awaiting the update, several have turned to mirror sites to download the update manually. Considering the amount of hype that the Pokemon Go buddy system generated, it’s no wonder there’s already been a Pokemon Go Buddy Easter Egg discovered.

When you select a new buddy in Pokemon Go, your trainer will be shown with the Pokemon standing behind it. Now thanks to the the community over at The Silph Road, there’s been news of the new Pokemon Go Buddy Easter egg.

What is the Pokemon Go Buddy Easter Egg?

Once you walk your Pokemon Go Buddy 10km, your buddy will go from standing beside you to appearing on your shoulder. This only works for Pikachu at the moment, but it’s another nice nod to the original anime cartoon. Although we’d love to see Snorlax or Charizard on someone’s shoulder, wouldn’t you?

Announcing: The Great Silph Easter Egg Hunt from TheSilphRoad

The special Pokemon Go Buddy Easter Egg gives trainers this very cool option when they pick Pikachu for their buddy. There’s quite a bit of controversy behind how Niantic has orchestrated the latest Pokemon Go update however. In fact there’s a lot of people ( mostly iPhone users ) who are still on the old version.

There remains quite a bit of waiting still for these people, but Niantic has confirmed that the update is rolling out; despite it going very slowly. What do you think about this new Pokemon Go Buddy Easter Egg? Which Pokemon have you chosen as your buddy?

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