Chances are if you are a Pokemon Go fan, you’ve wondered just how catching Pokemon would happen in real life. Now with this Bluetooth enabled real life Pokeball, you can aim, throw and catch Pokemon. We’ve seen people capitalize on Pokemon Go, with several attempts at a “real life Pokeball,” but this may be the best one yet.

This real Pokeball allows you to catch them all by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The device aims, tracks and allows you to catch Pokemon with ease. The Pokeball is made from a soft foam, which protects the internals of the real Pokeball.

Real Pokeball Highlights

Niantic has been rumored to develop their own real Pokeball, in conjunction with the Pokemon Go Plus. While the Go Plus has finally gotten a release date, the real Pokeball has not yet been confirmed from Niantic.

Instead Pokemon Go trainers will have to settle for this version of the real Pokeball. It’s another step to grow and expand the popular augmented reality video game. Accessories like this real Pokeball could push the boundaries between virtual reality and augmented reality.

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However Pokemon Go has been losing players at a rapid pace, as the initial excitement has died down a bit. What’s more the delays behind the Pokemon Go Plus accessory have raised questions as to just how viable the device really is. The pressure to expand and grow the popular mobile game is greater than ever, and one reason why Niantic is taking things slower, especially when it comes to new updates.

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