No doubt by now, you’ve read articles or updates about the Ivysaur and Grimer bugs. These game play bugs caused your Pokemon Go app to crash, which led to many people avoiding these mons. Now thanks to the latest Pokemon Go update, the Ivysaur Grimer bug has been fixed, and we’ve tested it on a few phones so far.

The fix for the Ivysaur Grimer bug has not officially been connected to the latest 0.37.0 patch, but it appears to have been fixed already. Some of the common things that caused the Ivysaur Grimer bug to crash Pokemon Go are included below.

Ivysaur Grimer bug crashes

Fighting in a gym – Taking Ivysaur or Grimer into a gym caused Pokemon Go to crash. This has now been fixed as we’ve tested it on 3 different phones and it seemed to work just fine. Although this was the main problem with the Ivysaur Grimer bug, there were a few other problems that affected gameplay.

Other Ivysaur Grimer bug fixes – Other fixes to the existing bug included;

  • Grimer graphics corrected – looking up Grimer in the Pokedex or the Pokemon Information screen worked just fine
  • Ivysaur graphics fixed – Looking at Ivysaur in the Pokedex worked okay
  • Ivysaur map view fixed

The other Ivysaur Grimer bug corrections included changes to the Grimer special attack of Mud Shot. Where the bug previously affected FPS and caused an extreme game slowdown, the new Ivysaur Grimer bug fixes have fixed this issue.

Some of the other Pokemon Go bugs are still present, including the problematic Attack scaling bug. If you haven’t checked out this bug and what it does in Pokemon Go check out our link here.


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