Pokemon Go trainers have been walking their buddies lately, and enjoying the latest Pokemon Go update. However for some trainers aren’t having such a positive experience. It seems Niantic has included a Pokemon Go security update as part of the last patch, stopping several trainers from playing the game.

The trainers affected by the new Pokemon Go security update are namely ones that use GPS spoofs and Pokemon Go bots. The last time Niantic stopped cheaters with an update was using the previously unused field known as Unknown6. It took third party developers a few weeks before they figured out the Unknown6, or Signal Update value and they are scrambling now to get ahead of this new Pokemon Go security update.

Here’s the lowdown on the Pokemon Go security update, and how it has stopped cheaters, GPS spoofers and bots cold.

Inside the Pokemon Go security update

No More Rooted Devices – Niantic has been struggling with GPS spoofers for quite some time, and the latest Pokemon Go security update could be the solution. By blocking rooted devices, most GPS spoofs no longer work. Although there are other working Pokemon Go GPS spoofs out there still, almost 90% of these programs no longer work.

Of course the Pokemon Go security update unfortunately stops people who prefer rooted Android smartphones. Users that had rooted phones before have now had to scramble to restore their phones or buy a cheap phone for Pokemon Go.

Users trying to use a rooted phone will now receive this message from Pokemon Go.

“This device, operating system or software is not compatible with Pokemon Go”

Google SafetyNet – The latest Pokemon Go security update incorporates SafetyNet measures to stop cheaters. SafetyNet analyzes the configuration of a phone, to make sure that apps function properly on a particular device and that users have a great experience.

Added security fields – According to the Pokemon Go Dev reddit, there’s been a huge change in security values within the game code. 3 Protos or keys have been changed, with 2 other Protos added. What this boils down to is the continuing cat and mouse game between Niantic and third party developers.

While the latest Pokemon Go security update won’t stop cheaters for too long, it could be a stop gap measure until Niantic activates the CAPTCHA system. Until then however, legitimate trainers should be happy with the fact that cheaters and bots don’t have access to Pokemon Go currently.

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