In another cautionary tale for Pokemon Go trainers, a recent Pokemon Go malware app was downloaded by over 500,000 users. The malware app was called Pokemon Go Guide for Android, and it hijacked control from half a million smartphones over the past 2 weeks. It’s another negative sign of the times from people looking to capitalize on the craze of Pokemon Go.

Before being removed from the Google Play Store, the Pokemon Go malware was available in all countries for download. Once the user downloaded the virus, the code would insert a Trojan into the phone. By using the Pokemon Go Guide, users were mistakenly giving up control over their phones to hackers.

pokemon-go-malwareThe Pokemon Go malware was discovered by the KasperSky AntiVirus team. They highlighted the malware and explained how the Trojan disguised itself. Posing as a fake guide For Pokemon Go, KasperSky Labs has reported the wide spread install of the malware and has already implemented fixes to remove it.

The team of virus fighters at KasperSky released an official statement on the Pokemon Go malware.

“It doesn’t start as soon as the victim launches the app. Instead, it waits for the user to install or uninstall another app, and then checks to see whether that app runs on a real device or on a virtual machine.”

How does the Pokemon Go malware work?

Once you install the malware, it will wait a few hours before activating itself. The virus manifests itself by activating a call to action element ( CTA ) that allows the trojan to be inserted. The malware inserts the trojan, which isn’t recognized as a Virtual Machine or SandBox element.

The result of this Pokemon Go malware means a loss of data, privacy and possibly losing your passwords. It’s a severe security risk that highlights the importance of knowing just what app you are installing, and what rights they are asking for. This comes on the heels of Pokemon Go’s own privacy concerns when the app first launched.


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