Rickeybot is a Twitch streamer that was robbed while playing Pokemon Go in NYC, and the Pokemon Go robbery was captured in his stream. In this video you can see Rickeybot playing the game, trying to catch a Pokemon when his assailant snuck up behind him. Striking him in the jaw and taking his smartphone, there’s thankfully lots of incriminating video evidence that should lead to an arrest.

Pokemon Go Robbery

Luckily Rickeybot is doing well in recovery, and hopefully there’s more than enough video to catch this thief. Watching the video shows the level of shocking brutality involved in this Pokemon Go robbery. It’s frightening just how quickly the stream goes from relaxed enjoyment to shocking in nothing flat.

Unfortunately, this Pokemon Go robbery and news like this isn’t new for Pokemon Go trainers. The latest Pokemon Go robbery is another reminder that trainers should always be aware of their surroundings, and learn how to play safely.

Incidents like this latest Pokemon Go robbery are nothing new. This latest robbery took place by Central Park, an area very popular among trainers. Despite being incredibly popular, it’s a humbling reminder that no area should really be considered “safe.”

With the amount of attention being paid to the game and your phone, there’s no lack of disturbing Pokemon Go news out there. From players being shot at, robbed, falling off of cliffs and even being killed, it’s a news trend that doesn’t show much sign of slowing.

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