Ever since the new Pokemon Go buddy system was released, we’ve been on the lookout for new details about upcoming game features. Our latest find is a new section of Pokemon Go trading data that’s found with in the new Android update 0.37.1. The game code elaborates on the trading data that’s been uncovered previously, which could mean Pokemon Go trading is coming very soon.

The newly discovered Pokemon Go trading data reveals expanded code on the create_trade_offers and search_trade fields. It appears as though this code has been added to the Buddy update, in preparation of trading being released. It’s been speculated that at the time of launch, only Pokemon trading will be enabled.

Here’s a quick update on the new Pokemon Go trading data that’s been uncovered.

  • Create trade offers – Create an offer to trade any of your Pokemon with another nearby player
  • Search for trades – Search actively for Pokemon trainers looking to trade
  • Location may not matter? – There’s no mention of NFC or Bluetooth in the new Pokemon Go trading data, could this mean that you can trade with anyone connected to the Pokemon Go servers?

Although the new Pokemon Go trading feature has been projected for release this winter, could the new Pokemon Go trading data hint at an earlier release? It would definitely ramp up interest and spark social interaction as gamers would try and trade Pokemon with others.

Here’s a look at the trading game code that’s been uncovered in the latest update below:

“m__24F.AccessTokenFieldNumber.accessToken_.AccessToken.TradingReflection.TradingSearchProto.<_parser> m__250.TradingSearchOutProto.get_PlayerNames.<_parser> m__251.PlayerNamesFieldNumber._repeated_playerNames_codec.playerNames_.PlayerNames.TradingOfferProto.get_TradingPlayer.set_TradingPlayer.<_parser> m__252.TradingPlayerFieldNumber.tradingPlayer_.TradingPlayer.TradingOfferOutProto.get_TradeId.set_TradeId.<_parser> m__253.TradeIdFieldNumber.tradeId_.TradeId.CONNECTION_LOST.PollForTradeResponseProto.get_RequestCancel.set_RequestCancel.<_parser> m__254.RequestCancelFieldNumber.requestCancel_.RequestCancel.PollForTradeResponseOutProto.get_ReturnPokemon.set_ReturnPokemon.<_parser> m__255.ReturnPokemonFieldNumber.returnPokemon_.ReturnPokemon.ACCEPT_OFFER.TRADE_CANCELED.TradingResultProto.get_PlayerAccept.set_PlayerAccept.<_parser> m__256.PlayerAcceptFieldNumber.playerAccept_.PlayerAccept.TradingResultOutProto.<_parser> m__257.TRADE_COMPLETE.TRADE_CANCELLED_OFFER.TRADE_SEARCH.TRADE_OFFER.TRADE_RESPONSE.TRADE_RESULT”

What do you think about the newly found Pokemon Go trading data? Do you think that Pokemon trading will come sooner than later? Let us know in the comment box below and make sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest in Pokemon Go news and guides.