There’s been a new update released, according to Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs. Just a week after the release of the Pokemon Go Buddy system, the latest update adds more security changes, minor bug fixes and brings back the caught Pokemon feature. If you’ve played the game since launch, you’ll no doubt remember this handy feature that showed you where you caught the Pokemon in question.

Pokemon Go Version 0.39.0 is being rolled out now for Android, while iOS devices will get 1.9.0. The largest change for those who don’t have a Pokemon Go Plus is the return of the location indicator.

new update released

This nice feature is useful, especially when you want to remember where you caught your Pokemon. Along with the return of Pokemon caught tracking, there’s also been changes to the Pokemon Go Plus functionality. With the new update released, you can also use Incense to catch Pokemon in the wild using the wearable device.

Here’s a breakdown directly from @PokemonGO regarding the latest update.


Now that the new update released, trainers are now waiting on the release of Pokemon Go trading and PvP. Luckily, we’ve found new code in the game master file showing changes for trading, could it be coming soon?

We’ve brought you updates leading up to the Buddy system release, along with a Pokemon Go buddy candy chart. Now it’s simply a waiting game until Pokemon Go trading is activated, as the code already exists in the game code.

What new game feature are you most excited about? Is it Pokemon Go trading? or Battle mode between other Pokemon Go trainers? Maybe it’s the anti-cheat CAPTCHA mode which will stop all cheating players? No matter what new feature it is, let us know in the comment box below. For more Pokemon Go news and updates, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to Pokemon Go Den today.