Pokemon Go has never been kind to battery life, but there’s sufficient proof that the latest Pokemon go update ( version 0.39.0) drains battery faster. We’ve tested 3 devices to test this theory out, with before and after results. The results of our test between 2 Android phones ( Note 4, BLUE Advance ) and 1 Apple iPhone 6 smartphone. Both Android phones

There’s quite a bit of discussion about this issue on The Silph Road subreddit. What’s more exploring the Pokefarmer bot forum, there’s many threads about Niantic’s code obfuscation. Apparently Niantic is taking extreme measures to prevent cheating by encoding interaction with their servers.

Of course this could spare battery life by simply switching on the CAPTCHA anti-cheat feature, but what do we know. The results of our test are below, showing you how the new update drains battery faster. All three phones used WiFi, with GPS Location services turned on for Android models.

Pokemon Go 0.39.0 Update drains battery faster

The important thing to note here is that both Android phones are boosting GPS accuracy. The previous update was employed and installed using APK mirrors. We used the latest link to download and install the Buddy system update before the test version of 0.39.0.


Overall we noticed an average of 10% less idle time for each one of our phones. This average worked out to around 20 minutes less game time. The BLU Advance most notably lost more than our Note 4, presumably from a less than ideal GPS antenna.

Ideally it would be nice to have this code obfuscation all together removed. There’s no news or update on the next Pokemon Go patch, but there’s several new features we are waiting for. Hopefully CAPTCHA is included in the next scheduled update.

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