One of the more interesting and rare Pokemon to catch in the game, Porygon is very elusive and hard to catch. This Pokemon is not a common spawn, and further does not appear in any confirmed nests, according to the Global Nest Atlas. For Pokemon Go trainers looking to catch Porygon, its been a difficult challenge to say the least.

How to Catch Porygon

However according to the folks over at the PokemonGo Reddit community, many users have noticed a trend in Porygon spawn trends. Most trainers have been reporting high success rates in catching Porygon around government buildings. These locations include such places as court houses as well as other municipal buildings like city hall or the post office.

Some locations seem to have a better spawn rate than others. In fact many of the users have reported more success to catch Porygon nearby court houses. Thanks to the user LilMissFuzzBall and this advanced thread over on The Silph Road, there’s enough evidence of this fact.

According to this user, it’s easier than ever to catch Porygon around government buildings.


”Two days ago we had five Porygon inside SEAPI and yesterday there was two I could count inside MAPA, one at 8h09PM and another at 9h09PM. The buildings are not located in the same area, they are in (more or less) 15 min ride away each other.

I see a lot people trying to figure out Porygon’s spawn areas and I though this might be a pattern. I will keep monitoring, of course. “


The folks over at the Pokemon GO Reddit community known as The Silph Road has mapped out the spawns of Porygon further. According to their data, the chances to catch Porygon increases by 76.9% percent when near a government building.

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