Battling for gym control is a huge part of Pokemon Go gameplay, something that Niantic seems to be building upon. They’ve recently revealed a new feature that allows you to take six Pokemon into training instead of one. This recent gameplay addition instantly makes leveling up gyms much easier, so expect to see a ton of Level 10 gyms very soon in your area.

How this update makes leveling up gyms easy

Niantic has been busy as of late, switching on their anti-cheat CAPTCHA system and locking out third party applications. Now the latest Pokemon Go update will allow you to take six Pokemon to train up your team gym. This change instantly makes it easy when leveling up gyms, and makes gym hacks like Stratbubble useless.

In addition to this recent change, Niantic has also lowered the CP of the Pokemon you are training against. Combined with the fact that you can take six Pokemon into train with you, this makes it infinitely easier when leveling up gyms to Prestige 10.

leveling up gyms

This is a drastic change for any trainer that’s used to training up their local gym. People who are just getting into gym battles are sure to see more mega gyms with high Prestige very soon. Although this change makes leveling up gyms easier for low level players, there’s something to be said about making too big of a change.

What this change means for leveling up gyms

  • More Prestige 10 Mega Gyms
  • Lower level players can get involved more easily
  • Harder to take down gyms
  • Gym Defense gets much easier

What do you think about this recent gameplay change? Do you like the fact that it’s easier when leveling up gyms? or do you think that this change is a bad one? Let us know in the comment box below and make sure to subscribe to Pokemon Go Den or follow us on Facebook for all the latest in Pokemon Go news and tips.