Niantic has just confirmed that the next Pokemon Go update will include a new capture bonus. This capture bonus will make catching Pokemon easier, and should enhance gameplay. According to Niantic, the new update will make it easier for you to catch rare Pokemon in the wild. This is exciting, especially for rural players that have a hard time tracking down Pokemon as it is.

The new update makes catching Pokemon easier through the accumulation of medals. As you catch different types of Pokemon, you increase your chances of catching them in the future. For example, as you catch fire type Pokemon you will gain medals and bonuses to catch rare Fire Pokemon in the future.

Catching Pokemon easier with new update?

Using our update as you catch fire-type Pokemon, you will increase your chances of catching same types. This means it will be easier to catch Ponyta, Charmander or even Vulpix. There are multiple medal and bonus types, which means for experienced players it will be easier than ever to catch rare Pokemon

catching Pokemon easier

As you catch new Pokemon in the wild, you’ll level up and climb up bonus tiers. As you climb the tiered bonus system, it’ll make catching Pokemon easier for you moving forward.

How does the update make catching Pokemon easier for multiple types?

As you know there are many Pokemon out there that are multiple or dual types. When this happens it combines the average bonus for either type. For example when trying to catch Pidgey, you’ll see that he’s both a Normal and Flying type Pokemon. He’s also very hard to catch with a high flee rate, despite being very common.

When this occurs, your bonus for Flying Type and normal Type are averaged together. So when you throw your Pokeball, your bonus won’t be as high as your Normal bonus or Flying bonus. Keep this in mind when you are trying to catch dual type Pokemon in the wild.

What do you think about the new update geared to make catching Pokemon easier? There may be additional updates along with this confirmed feature, which are you waiting for? Let us know in the comment box below and subscribe to Pokemon go Den by following us on Facebook!