Now that the game has been out for quite some time, there are several legitimate Level 40 players in Pokemon Go. Unfortunately it appears that Niantic has Level 40 trainers banned from participating in gyms. The move to ban level 40 players looks as though it’s Niantic trying their best to limit cheaters from taking over gyms overall. Although they have Level 40 trainers banned, it’s not stopping the many high-tier players from actively logging in.

While the fact that Level 40 trainers are banned may come as a shock to some people, it isn’t the first time Niantic has implemented such crude methods of catching cheaters. Last month Niantic’s experience gained filter accidentally soft banned a trainer aiming for 1 million exp in a weekend.


Level 40 trainers banned – Why?

The news about the latest development comes to us from Reddit user /u/Odelper. He happens to be one of the affected players, and like all of us is wondering just why are Level 40 trainers banned at all?

Being unable to participate in gyms is confirmed through The Silph Road, and by various high level Pokemon Go trainers. Here’s the excerpt directly from Reddit and the user Odelper.

“So I became level 40 just about a week ago(JimmEpitts), and right around that time I started getting a weird gym error. It disabled all interactions with gyms, can’t check pokemon in them, can’t do anything gym related at all! Thought it would go away and it didn’t.

The weird part is other top players around the world also have this glitch. The one and only jdero, and a guy in Europe who hit 40 last night, along with 2 other 39-40 players im my city who actually have the glitch as well. We’ve tried everything as far as logging in on different devices and service providers and NOTHING works.

Sent in just about a million emails to niantic, obviously no answer from them… yea pretty crazy you reach the end and this is what happens….”

There’s no doubt that Niantic has this widespread ban on high level players in an effort to curb cheaters and bots. However with the activation of the CAPTCHA system, this should be going away very soon.


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