Ever since Niantic rolled out new code in their latest update, third party apps like FastPokeMap went down last week. In addition to the CAPTCHA anti-cheat system, Niantic also added more code obfuscation to stop third party apps cold. According to a recent tweet however, it will be a short wait until trainers see FastPokeMap back up.

The team over at Reverse Engineers seems to have cracked the puzzle to the latest Pokemon Go puzzle. Making their announcement earlier today, it seems like Sunday morning is when trainers will see FastPokeMap back and running.

When will I see FastPokeMap back up?

According to the team that runs FastPokeMap, Sunday is when the popular Pokemon tracker will return. The team over at @FastPokeMapCom state that it will be 24 hours to 48 hours max before trainers see FastPokemap back and running.

Depending on your location, you may or may not be able to see the tweet. If you want to track FastPokemap status live, check the Discord link here. Here’s a snapshot of the FastPokeMap developers connecting to Niantic servers live below. Much thanks goes to one of the one of the  developers that cracked the code.

FastPokeMap back

Regardless of how you feel about trackers like FastPokeMap, this development speaks to the strength of the Pokemon Go community. Like it or hate it, there’s little chance that trackers like FastPokeMap will go down for good.

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