Niantic has just confirmed an official Halloween Pokemon Go event. From October 26th to the 1st of November, all trainers will benefit by getting double the amount of candy for each Pokemon you catch! According to Niantic, the Halloween Pokemon Go bonus will also apply to Buddy Pokemon as well!

The news was confirmed along with another minor update to Pokemon Go. Although it’s a nice event, many trainers are still itching for the major game updates we’ve been waiting on for quite some time. Learn all about the Halloween Pokemon Go event below!

Inside the Halloween Pokemon Go Event

Double your pleasure – For a week during the Halloween Pokemon Go event, you’ll receive TWICE as much candy for Pokemon caught! Want that rare evolution or your first Gyarados? Now is the time to get that candy!

Limited Timeframe – Niantic is holding this event for just a few days, from October 26th to November 1st. Here’s a snapshot of the update below.

Halloween Pokemon Go 12

Buddy Pokemon Bonus – Have a buddy that you want to evolve? Use this timeframe during the Halloween Pokemon Go event to get FOUR TIMES the amount of candy! It’s a great time for you to walk your Magikarp buddy!

The Halloween Pokemon Go event will be short lived, but highly anticipated, especially because of the holidays approaching. Although interest in Pokemon Go seems to be tailing off, this could be a great incentive for players to return to the game. Despite this however, most trainers are still waiting on Pokemon trading, and PVP as the game features we want in the next update.

What do you think about the new Halloween Pokemon Go event? Is it a great move by Niantic to spark interest from trainers who may have stopped playing? Do you think that the new update will include trading or trainer battles? Let us know in the comment box below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook !