Niantic has been steadily rolling out minor updates, but it appears as though they may have sneaked in a new gameplay feature. There’s been new evidence of Pokemon Go daily quests found in the latest version of code. Version 0.43.3 version contains a file called global-metadata.dat, and it contains several new gameplay features that look amazing!

With the Halloween Pokemon Go event right around the corner, the new Pokemon Go daily quests feature sounds like a ton of fun. Let’s take a look at the values we’ve discovered in the recent game code, and what Pokemon Go daily quests could possibly look like.

What are Pokemon Go daily quests?

It appears that there are three different types of daily quests that you’ll soon be able to play in Pokemon Go. Here’s a few that we know about for sure!

First Catch of the Day – There’s existing game code in the latest release that points to incubators possibly being part of the reward for the first catch of any given day.

First PokeStop of the Day – Less information on this front reward wise, but no doubt this is Niantic’s attempt to increase gameplay options and rewards.

According to the recent game code discovery, the code that supports this game feature already exists. This means that Niantic can turn on the feature any time they want in reality.

There’s also a field called .QUEST_UNKNOWN_TYPE, which is fairly mysterious. While the other fields are fairly self-explanatory, this one could be almost anything.

Either way it’s good news for trainers who are beginning to feel as though gameplay is getting a tad stale. Niantic has been fairly regular on updates lately, starting from their recent security patch that shut down all third-party trackers like FastPokeMap. The real test won’t be until Niantic finally turns on Pokemon trading however. Good news is we know that this code already exists in the game as well.

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