After the successful Pokemon Go Halloween event, Niantic looks like they are once again on the move. There are many reports from trainers that the Pokemon Go tracker has silently been released without much fanfare. Up until this point the Pokemon Go tracker has been in beta test mode only, and secluded to areas such as San Francisco almost exclusively.

Reports of the new Pokemon Go tracker becoming active are coming in from many trainers. After the three step tracker bug, and the disappointing sightings menu, could the Pokemon Go tracker finally be released?

Pokemon Go tracker Released

Niantic looks to be rolling out the Pokemon Go tracker slowly, and like most updates they are most likely doing this for server resource reasons. As of right now most of the West Coast seems have received this new Pokemon Go tracker update, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s fully released.


At long last the one Pokemon Go feature that trainers have been waiting for is almost released. After shutting down third party applications such as FastPokeMap, Niantic seems as though they are finally giving trainers what they want. Want to learn how the new tracking system works? Check it out in action here.

The new Pokemon Go tracker works by showing you which Pokemon are located by nearby Pokestops. This will finally allow trainers to track down and get a hint at which Pokemon are nearby, helping them catch them all!

This comes just on the heels of a very successful Halloween Pokemon Go event, and it’s perfect timing considering Niantic is thinking about a Christmas event. What do you think about the new Pokemon Go tracking system? Do you have it released in your area yet?

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