Bulbasaur #001

Bulbasaur is Pokemon number #001 and one available choices when you first begin playing Pokemon Go.

Ivysaur #002

Ivysaur is Pokemon number #002 and he is the evolved state of Bulbasaur. You can also catch Ivysaur as a wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Venasaur #003

Venasaur is Pokemon number #003, which you obtain by evolving Ivysaur. He’s one of the many three stage evolution Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Charmander #004

One of the cutest and most popular Pokemon, Charmander is Pokemon number #004. Charmander is one of the Pokemon you can catch in the wild in Pokemon Go.

Charmeleon #005

Charmeleon is Pokemon number #005 and is the evolution of Charmander. You can also catch Charmeleon in Pokemon Go by exploring.

Charizard #006

Charizard is Pokemon number #006, and as the third state of evolution he’s one of the most powerful and rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Squirtle #007

Squirtle is Pokemon number#007 and is a fan favorite for many reasons. This water type Pokemon is loved for his demeanor and combat ability when evolved.

Wartortle #008

Often overlooked but never forgotten, Wartortle is Pokemon number #008. You can evolve him or find him in Pokemon Go using a Pokeball.

Blastoise #009

The turtle tank known as Blastoise is Pokemon number #009. He’s one of the most powerful Pokemon in battle and feared by most Pokemon Go trainers.

Caterpie #010

Representing the first stage of butterfly metamorphosis, Caterpie is Pokemon #010 and is one of the most beloved of all Pokemon.

Metapod #011

Metapod is Pokemon number#011 and is a bug type Pokemon that’s evolved from Caterpie. He prefers cool shade and moist areas to live in before he evolves again.

Butterfree #012

Often overlooked but Butterfree is Pokemon number #012. He is the final evolution from his early life as a Caterpie.

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