Pokemon Go Blastoise FAQ

Pokemon Go Blastoise FAQ

Half Turtle, half Sherman Tank and 100% badass, Blastoise is the third and final Squirtle evolution. One of the extremely rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Blastoise dominates gyms and squashes his enemies. Want to learn more about this Pokemon? This Blastoise FAQ guide is for you to learn more about this powerful Pokemon and how he can help you win in Pokemon Go.

There are many Pokemon trainers out there who want to catch Blastoise. Although it’s possible to find him in the wild, you’ll have better chances of evolving him. After you have evolved Wartortle, you will welcome home your new Blastoise Pokemon and prepare him for battle.

Much like Wartortle and Squirtle before him, Blastoise is a water type Pokemon. His shell cannons are locked and loaded for battle, making Blastoise an excellent fighter. This water type Pokemon is a good choice when attacking a gym.

If you are looking for stats on Blastoise that isn’t in this Blastoise FAQ, check our guide on Pokemon Go stats. Blastoise is Pokemon #009 and he returns a few of the similar attacks from his previous evolutions.

Blastoise PokedexBlastoise FAQ

This Blastoise FAQ Pokedex guide helps you understand all about this water type Pokemon. Once you catch Blastoise or evolve him, you’ll need to level him up to prepare him for battle. If you have several Blastoise Pokemon to choose from, use this CP calculator to pick the best Pokemon possible.

If you are planning out the six best Pokemon you have for battle, their battle stats can prove useful. Not sure how attack or defense works in Pokemon Go? Check out our guide on Pokemon stats by clicking here. When you are on a Pokewalk or out tracking Pokemon, you should use these tips to catch more Pokemon.

Not much is known about Blastoise in Pokemon Go, but we can use his stats to see how well he matches up against other powerful Pokemon. When you take your Blastoise into battle at a nearby gym, you will use two attacks. You attack by using a short tap for a normal attack or a longer tap for Blastoise special move.  Check out more by reading our Pokemon Go guide when you need more than just the facts in our Blastoise FAQ Pokedex.

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