Pokemon Go Butterfree FAQ

Pokemon Go Butterfree FAQ

As the final stage of Caterpie evolution, Butterfree is a vision of grace. This Pokemon is harder to find, making it one of the more rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. When you want to become a true Pokemon trainer and conquer Pokemon Go gyms, Butterfree can be a good choice. If you have a Caterpie or Metapod and want to learn more about the next evolved state, our Butterfree FAQ can help.

Learning about Butterfree can aid you if you want to catch Butterfree. If you prefer to evolve him of course check our Caterpie FAQ guide. After you’ve evolved Metapod, this Pokemon will be ready to battle on your behalf.

Butterfree is a dual type Pokemon. He’s Bug and Flying type attacks can give you the edge in battle or to topple an opposing team gym. If you are looking for stats on Butterfree that isn’t in this Butterfree FAQ, check our guide on Pokemon Go stats. Butterfree is Pokemon #012, and there’s not much information about him in Pokemon Go just yet.

Butterfree FAQ Pokedex
Butterfree FAQ

This Butterfree FAQ Pokedex guide helps you understand all about this bug or flying type Pokemon. Before taking Butterfree into battle, you will need to level him up. When you’ve got a few different options for your top six Pokemon, use this CP calculator to pick the best Pokemon possible.

Butterfree stats show that this flying type Pokemon can hold his own in combat. By ranking his attack or defense stats you can see how effective your Butterfree will be. Not sure what stats do what and how stats works in Pokemon Go? Check out our guide on Pokemon stats by clicking here. When you are on a Pokewalk or out tracking Pokemon, you should use these tips to catch more Pokemon.

When you take your Butterfree into battle at a nearby gym, you will use two attacks. You attack by using a short tap for a normal attack or a longer tap for Butterfree special move. Check out more by reading our Pokemon Go guide when you need more than just the facts in our Butterfree FAQ Pokedex.

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