Pokemon Go Caterpie FAQ

Pokemon Go Caterpie FAQ

Caterpie is a unique Pokemon that’s often unfairly overlooked in combat. He is known to eat entire fields of grass or wheat, and has one of the biggest appetites of all Pokemon. Caterpie emits a strong odor that can seem offensive to many people. If you want to catch Caterpie, or learn more about this Pokemon this Caterpie FAQ is for you.

This Pokemon has three stages of evolution, and you may want to use a Lucky Egg when you evolve Caterpie. He is not known as a rare Pokemon but Caterpie is not exactly common either. If you are looking to build the best team of Pokemon, you should read our guide on the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Caterpie is Pokemon #010, and he is a bug type Pokemon. His attacks are average in damage and speed but you can evolve Caterpie. In order to evolve Caterpie, you will need 12 Caterpie Candy to do the job.

Caterpie FAQ Pokedex
Caterpie FAQ

This Caterpie FAQ Pokedex guide will help you level up this Pokemon properly. If you need Caterpie stats or you aren’t sure what stats are important, you can use this guide on attack and defense. Caterpie can be evolved into his next stage if you don’t want to hunt down and track his other forms.

When you are challenging a Pokemon Go gym, you need to know how to attack. Attacking with your Pokemon is done through tapping on your screen. To launch a special attack, you’ll need to press on the screen for a longer period of time. Special attacks take up blue bars or special attack power. Find out more by reading the Pokemon Go guide in addition to our Caterpie FAQ Pokedex.

Caterpie evolves into Metapod

Caterpie Attack FAQ

  • Bug Bite – Type Bug – Damage 6
  • Tackle – Type Normal – Damage 12

Caterpie Special Attacks

  • Struggle – Type Normal – Damage 15 – Cost 5 Power Bar

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