Pokemon Go Charizard FAQ

Pokemon Go Charizard FAQ

Before you take Charmander to the final stage of evolution, learn about this rare Pokemon using our Charizard FAQ guide. When you are planning an assault on an opposing team gym, you need the best Pokemon in your collection. When fully evolved, Charizard is one of the most powerful Pokemon to do battle with.

Charizard is Pokemon #006, and is a dual type Pokemon. He is a flying / fire type of Pokemon and he comes with two new attacks. After you learn how to evolve Charmeleon with 100 candy, you’ll need to learn Charizard attacks.

Charizard FAQ Pokedex
Charizard FAQ

This Charizard FAQ Pokedex guide helps you understand how to properly level up this Pokemon. If you’ve got a question about Charizard stats, you can take a look at our Pokemon Go stats here. As one of the most rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you’ll need our guide to hunting Pokemon if you want to catch Charizard in the wild.

If you’ve evolved Charizard, you’ve already used the 100 Charmander Candy required to evolve Charmeleon. Because you don’t want to waste valuable Stardust, always check our articles on the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

When you are challenging a Pokemon Go gym, you need to know how to attack. Attacking with your Pokemon is done through tapping on your screen. To launch a special attack, you’ll need to press on the screen for a longer period of time. Special attacks take up blue bars or special attack power. Find out more by reading the Pokemon Go guide in addition to our Charizard FAQ Pokedex.

Charizard Attack FAQ

  • Ember – Type Fire – Damage 10

Charizard Special Attacks

  • Dragon Claw – Type Dragon – Damage 40 – Cost 2 Power Bar

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