Pokemon Go Charmander FAQ

Pokemon Go Charmander FAQ

One of the most popular and cutest Pokemon in the entire game, Charmander is a rare Pokemon. He is known for his unique flame tail, which relays his current mood. Should Charmander become angry or engage in battle, the fire at the end of his tail will burn brightly. When you want to learn more about this lizard Pokemon, use our Charmander FAQ guide.

Charmander is Pokemon #004 and he is a Fire type Pokemon. Like many other Pokemon, Charmander has two attacks that can help you defeat your foes.

Charmander FAQCharmander FAQ

This Charmander FAQ Pokedex guide helps you understand how to properly level up this Pokemon. If you’ve got a question about Charmander stats, you can take a look at our Pokemon Go stats here. When you want to catch Charmander, you can track it down with our guide to hunting Pokemon.

When you want to evolve Charmander, you will need 25 Charmander Candy. When you evolve this Pokemon, you will get Charmeleon as the next stage of evolution. Of course before you decide to evolve Charmander, you should check our guides on the best Pokemon.

Attacking in Pokemon Go is done through tapping in two different ways. Short taps are the fast or normal attack, while the longer taps are the special moves. These moves are only usable when the special bar power is filled up. Read more in our Pokemon Go guide in addition to our Charmander FAQ Pokedex.

Charmander Attack FAQ

  • Scratch – Type Normal – Damage 10
  • Ember – Type Fire – Damage 10

Charmander Special Attacks

  • Flamethrower – Type Fire – Damage 50 – Cost 2 Power Bar
  • Flame Charge – Type Fire – Damage 20 – Cost 5 Power Bar
  • Flame Burst – Type Fire – Damage 25 – Cost 4 Power Bar

Charmander evolves into Charmeleon

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