Pokemon Go Charmeleon FAQ

Pokemon Go Charmeleon FAQ

Charmeleon is one of the most recognizable Pokemon in Pokemon Go. He is the evolved version of Charmander. Once you learn how to evolve Charmander, you’ll have a Charmeleon at your disposal. Charmeleon is an excellent combatant and capable of holding his own in battle. When you want to learn more about this Pokemon, check out our Charmeleon FAQ guide.

Much like Charmander, Charmeleon has a flame at the end of his tail. When this flame grows and burns brightly, it means that Charmeleon is ready for battle. This lizard type Pokemon is a good Pokemon to take into battle when taking on a Pokemon gym. If you want to learn the stats behind Charmeleon, use our Charmeleon FAQ guide.

Charmeleon is Pokemon #005 and like Charmander he is a Fire type Pokemon. Like many other Pokemon, Charmeleon has two attacks that can help you defeat your foes.

Charmeleon FAQ PokedexCharmeleon FAQ

This section of our Pokedex deals with the fire / lizard type Charmeleon Pokemon. When you want to level up Charmeleon, you’ll need to use the right amount of Stardust and candy. When you want to learn about Charmeleon stats and what values are important in battle, click here. Many Pokemon Go trainers work hard to catch Charmeleon. If you want to track down Charmeleon, you can check out this article on hunting Pokemon.

When you want to evolve Charmeleon into his final and third stage, you will need 100 Charmander Candy. After you evolve this Pokemon, you will get Charizard as the last stage of Charmander evolution. Avoid wasting Stardust and resources on the wrong Pokemon by reading our guide on the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

When attacking a gym, there’s two Charmeleon attacks that you can use. These are activated by tapping in short or long bursts on your mobile device. Read more in our Pokemon Go guide in addition to our Charmeleon FAQ Pokedex.

Charmeleon Attack FAQ

  • Scratch – Type Normal – Damage 10

Charmeleon Special Attacks

  • Flame Burst – Type Fire – Damage 50 – Cost 2 Power Bar
  • Fire Punch – Type Fire – Damage 35 – Cost 3 Power Bars

Charmeleon evolves into Charizard

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