Pokemon Go Ivysaur FAQ

Pokemon Go Ivysaur FAQ

Once you evolve Bulbasaur, you will welcome Ivysaur as his evolved form. He is a fierce combatant in battle, and a fair choice for your next assault on a Pokemon Go gym.

Ivysaur is Pokemon #002 and you can evolve him with the right amount of candy. He has two attacks that can deal quite a bit of damage against his opponent.

Our Ivysaur FAQ Pokedex guide is here to help you learn all about this Pokemon. If you want to learn more about the stats in Pokemon Go, you can reference our article here.

Ivysaur PokedexYou can also find Ivysaur in the wild, if you are looking in the right places. Most people have claimed that you need to be in a forest or large park to find Ivysaur in Pokemon Go. You will need 100 Ivysaur Candy to evolve this Pokemon. Before you start upgrading your Pokemon, make sure to reference our guides to find the best Pokemon.

Of course Ivysaur is a dual type Pokemon, and just like Bulbasaur he is a Grass and Poison type Pokemon.

Attacking in Pokemon Go is done through tapping in two different ways. Short taps are the fast or normal attack, while the longer taps are the special moves. These moves are only usable when the special bar power is filled up. Read more in our Pokemon Go guide in addition to our Ivysaur FAQ Pokedex.

Ivysaur Attack FAQ

Razor Leaf – Type Grass – Damage 15

Ivysaur Special Attacks

  • Power Whip – Type Grass – Damage 60 – Cost 1 Power Bar

Ivysaur evolves into Venasaur

The one thing about Ivysaur is that once you evolve Bulbasaur you keep the same special attack. This is beneficial if you like his special attack to begin with. It makes battle at your local Pokestop gym that much easier.

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