Pokemon Go Metapod FAQ

Pokemon Go Metapod FAQ

As the next stage in evolution for Caterpie, Metapod is definitely one of the most unique Pokemon in the game. Although most trainers pass on the chance at leveling up Metapod, that can be a mistake. Metapod loves a cool afternoon and avoids heat or direct sunlight whenever possible. When you want to learn all about this Pokemon, check out our Metapod FAQ Pokedex guide.

This Pokemon is the second stage of Caterpie evolution. If you’ve gone ahead and evolved Caterpie, you’ll want to calculate CP to see if your Metapod is worth leveling up. This is important to beating Pokemon Go gyms, as it requires the best Pokemon in your collection. Metapod doesn’t eat quite as much as Caterpie does, but he will once you decide to evolve Metapod.

Metapod is Pokemon #011 and like Caterpie, is a bug type Pokemon. Although he’s a fair fighter, he’s not normally counted on to provide the punch on combat. In order to evolve Metapod, you will need 50 Caterpie Candy to do the job.

Metapod FAQ Pokedex

Metapod FAQ

This Metapod FAQ Pokedex guide will help you level up this Pokemon properly. If you need Metapod stats or you aren’t sure what stats are important, you can use this guide on attack and defense. Metapod can be evolved into his next stage if you don’t want to hunt down and track his other forms.

Metapod returns the base attacks that Caterpie used. Although his Bug Bite damage increases, there’s little else that’s different as far as attacks go.

Attacking with your Metapod is easy to do once you learn how to battle in Pokemon Go. To launch a special attack, you’ll need to press on the screen for a longer period of time. Special attacks take up blue bars or special attack power. If you are confused as to what Combat Points mean, or how they work in combat check our guide here.

Find out more by reading the Pokemon Go guide in addition to our Metapod FAQ Pokedex.

Metapod Attack FAQ

  • Bug Bite – Type Bug – Damage 15
  • Tackle – Type Normal – Damage 12

Metapod Special Attacks

  • Struggle – Type Normal – Damage 15 – Cost 5 Power Bar

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