Pokemon Go Squirtle FAQ

Pokemon Go Squirtle FAQ

Everyone’s favorite little blue Pokemon, Squirtle also happens to be one of the first Pokemon in the game. As one of the starter Pokemon, Squirtle can be evolved for battle. Once you properly level up Squirtle, you’ll have a capable fighter that can win the day. To learn more about Squirtle abilities or stats, use our Squirtle FAQ Pokedex guide.

Squirtle is a water type Pokemon, and is known for his durability. Once you evolve Squirtle, he’ll become a much more powerful fighter. This water type Pokemon is a good choice when attacking a gym, and is more than a capable sparring partner.

If you are looking for stats on Squirtle that isn’t in this Squirtle FAQ, check our guide on Pokemon Go stats. Squirtle is Pokemon #007 and has two attacks that he uses in battle.

Squirtle FAQ Pokedex
Squirtle FAQ

This Squirtle FAQ Pokedex guide helps you understand all about this water type Pokemon. When leveling up Squirtle, you will need both Stardust and candy to do so. When you want to learn about Squirtle stats and what values are important in battle, click here. Squirtle isn’t quite as rare as some other Pokemon, but he’s not exactly common either. If you want to track down Squirtle, you can check out this article on hunting Pokemon.

When you want to evolve Squirtle into the next stage, you will need 25 Squirtle Candy. After you evolve Squirtle you will welcome Wartortle as your newest Pokemon. Of course when you want to become a Pokemon master, you’ll need to understand which are the best Pokemon to train.

Squirtle uses two main attacks to fight his foes. Like other Pokemon these attacks are launched through a short tap ( normal attack ) or a longer tap ( special move ) Read more in our Pokemon Go guide in addition to our Squirtle FAQ Pokedex.

Squirtle Attack FAQ

  • Tackle – Type Normal – Damage 12
  • Bubble – Type Water – Damage 15

Squirtle Special Attacks

  • Aqua Jet – Type Fire – Damage 15 – Cost 5 Power Bar
  • Aqua Tail – Type Fire – Damage 50 – Cost 2 Power Bars

Squirtle evolves into Wartortle

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