Pokemon Go Venasaur FAQ

Pokemon Go Venasaur FAQ

If you happened to pick Bulbasaur as your starter Pokemon, Venasaur is the culmination of your efforts. As a fully battle hardened Pokemon, Venasaur is tough to beat whether he’s training or in battle. When you want to learn more about this Pokemon, this Venasaur FAQ is for you.

Evolving Venasaur from Ivysaur requires you to use 100 Ivysaur Candy. To begin with Bulbasaur and evolve him into Venasaur is a rewarding experience. If you need help finding out how to evolve Pokemon, or what is the best Pokemon, our guides at Pokemon Den can help.

Venasaur checks in as #003 and he’s the first fully evolved Pokemon in our Venasaur FAQ Pokedex.

Venasaur PokedexAs Venasaur is a evolved Pokemon based on Bulbasaur, he is also a grass / poison type. Not much is known about Venasaur in Pokemon Go, but we do know his statistics. Using the values of Venasaur stats, you see he’s a fairly good fighter when attacking any Pokemon Go gym.

Attacking in Pokemon Go is done through tapping in two different ways. Short taps are the fast or normal attack, while the longer taps are the special moves. These moves are only usable when the special bar power is filled up. Read more in our Pokemon Go guide in addition to our Venasaur FAQ Pokedex.

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