Pokemon Go Wartortle FAQ

Pokemon Go Wartortle FAQ

Definitely one of the more rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Wartortle is the evolved version of Squirtle. If you’ve chosen Squirtle as your starter Pokemon instead of Pikachu, you can use this Wartortle FAQ to learn about evolving Squirtle. Taking on a enemy gym requires the best Pokemon you have in your stable. When picking out powerful Pokemon to do battle, Wartortle is an excellent choice.

Wartortle is Pokemon #007, and he is a water type Pokemon. His stats prove that he’s a capable fighter that can stake claim to any gym. In order to evolve Wartortle to the third and final evolution, you will need 100 Squirtle Candy. After you evolve Wartortle, his attacks will change so make sure to familiarize yourself ahead of time with this Wartortle FAQ guide.

Wartortle FAQ Pokedex
Wartortle FAQ

This Wartortle FAQ Pokedex guide helps you learn all about Wartortle. You will understand how to properly level up Squirtle and evolve him. If you aren’t sure how to choose the best Pokemon for battle, you can use our indepth look at Pokemon Go stats here. If you are trying to find Wartortle in the wild, you could use our guide to tracking Pokemon.

If you’ve evolved Wartortle , you’ve already used the 100 Squirtle Candy required to evolve him. Because you don’t want to waste valuable Stardust, always check our articles on the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

When you are challenging a Pokemon Go gym, you need to know how to attack. Attacking with your Pokemon is done through tapping on your screen. To launch a special attack, you’ll need to press on the screen for a longer period of time. Special attacks take up blue bars or special attack power. Find out more by reading the Pokemon Go guide in addition to our Squirtle FAQ Pokedex.

Wartortle Attack FAQ

  • Bite – Type Dark – Damage 6

Wartortle Special Attacks

  • Ice Beam – Type Ice- Damage 50 – Cost 2 Power Bar
  • Hydro Pump – Type Water – Damage 60 – Cost 1 Power Bar

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